Satelite Communicators

Satcomms  (AKA Emergency Locator Beacons and Personal Locator Beacons)

  • Zoleo: We sold off our Garmin devices and switched to Zoleo because we liked their method of using WIFI and cellular signals to send / receive messages before using the satellite service. This allows us to use the device on the cheapest ($20 / month plan).

Radio Communications

Clear, reliable radio comms is key in group travel. We are using a high-powered 50w vehicle mounted HAM radios. We also have GMRS radios. At the very least, we ask that adventure participants have a handheld radio (‘handy talky’ or HT) with either an upgraded mobile antenna or a connection to a hard mounted vehicle antenna. 

Hard-mounted, high power mobile units

  • Midland GMRS - 50w hard mounted mobile unit. We highly recommend adding an external speaker. We have ours mounted to the driver's headrest and this allows the driver to hear comms clearly when music is playing or there is a conversation happening in the vehicle.


Handheld radios (Handy Talkies or HT)

Decide which comms is best for you. Learn more about GMRS vs Ham radio.